Innovation, Research & Development Services

Innova Sierra Pty Ltd. is a registered Research Service Provider (No.RSP 88378) under AusIndustry (Government of Australia). We can assist you in assessing, formulating and executing with your team, your Innovation, R&D program. We take away your day to day worries and assist you in carrying out your R&D.

The Founders of Innova Sierra have come from a background of Information Communication Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Defence Applications, Aviation, Biomedical & Lifesciences, and Education sectors, having delivered innovative commercial outcomes to organisations. People behind the company are highly qualified and experienced individuals who can lead and deliver innovative solutions to the market. We have in past, developed several, valuable Intellectual Property (IP).

If you have a need for IP development and management, talk to us. We operate in Australia, India, USA and Europe. If you have a need in any part this world, we will help you to meet your innovation and market requirements.

You outsource your innovation to Innova Sierra and we will deliver. Your requirement can be

  • Innovation R&D Management, Consultancy
  • Genome Analysis and Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Security Systems
  • AI & Evidence based Health Care
  • Design of Autonomous Systems, as human extensions
  • Emotion Detection, and Medical & Agricultural Image Processing for predictive analysis
  • Unified Communication Platform design and delivery
  • Mining Automation and Mining Communication platform development
  • Emergency Management and notification platform with two way communication and messaging
  • Technology transfer and manufacturing set up
  • Skills Development and Training

Through partnerships we have we can customise to your requirements.We can help you. We work with your own people, our expert group, University Research Groups and R&D Centres as appropriate, to bring in, Innovation for practical and commercial applications.

Innova Sierra specialises in managing clients Innovation and R&D. We take away your worries about managing a team of innovators. We will build a team and deliver the outcomes. You will own the Intellectual Property for which you have paid for. If you need an innovative solution design, specialised courses, talk to us. We can help you.

We see a bright future.

Our passion is to discover new ways of working, new ways of thinking and new uses of technology for commercial and societal outcomes.

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