Innova Sierra Pty Ltd, in collaboration with leading Scientific, Commercial groups and Clinical practitioners, and partners has formed a new initiative called “ NextOmics Pty Ltd.” focused around “Next Generation Sequencing”, “Big Data for Life Sciences” and “Clinical applications”, based out of Melbourne, Australia. NextOmics focuses on market development, product and solution offerings, and Innovation. Innova Sierra will assist in structuring, formulating and execution of R&D, Innovation for NextOmics.

NextOmics is a Life Science initiative working towards the convergence of Clinical analysis, Pharma, Biotechnology, Food and Population Genetics leading to Predictive Preventive Personalized Healthcare.

The business model of NextOmics is to combine Intellectual Property, analysis, and Product Development through in-house and collaborative Research & Development initiatives in Life Sciences and Big Data analysis. NextOmics has, through its partners,   will continues to build an integrated, systems biology approach of capabilities, products, infrastructure and technology that allows for and facilitates cross communication between numerous disciplines, leading to unique and innovative solutions.

  • Big Data analysis in Life Sciences to develop data mining analytics to extract information which will assist CROs, Clinicians, Veterinary Science, and Agricultural and Farming advances
  • Predictive Preventive Personalized (PPP) Healthcare. We believe that healthcare will be revolutionized by genomic and stem cell research, becoming predictive, preventive, and personalized. The goal of personalized medicine is, first of all, to use the advanced tools of molecular genetics to predict how patients will respond to drugs, reducing harm and increasing benefit. The dual combination of diagnostic and treatment technologies is at the heart of personalized medicine and will transform healthcare dramatically. We have just entered the world of molecular medicine, and the realities of regenerative medicine and preventative healthcare are within our grasp.
  • Applying PPP model to Agriculture, Farming, Veterinary Sciences is the additional goal of NextOmics, which, through its customer projects executed by partners, have established methodologies which are available readily
  • Systems Biology Model. The pluralism of causes and effects in biological networks is better addressed by observing, through quantitative measures, multiple components simultaneously and by rigorous data integration and analysis. Systems biology is about looking at one event from different angles; it is about merging sciences at micro and macro levels. It means changing traditional scientific philosophy, in the full sense of the term.

NextOmics, is also focused on Personalised Genetic Analysis to individuals and client organisations, which can offer genetic diagnostic services to hospitals, physicians and healthcare organizations.

NextOmics has access through its partners who have developed a High Performance, High Accuracy, High Impact unified sequence analytics software solution for management, analysis, interpretation and sharing of NGS data and results. The focus of NextOmics initiative is to build a robust platform addressing the complexities of Sequencing Big Data in Life Sciences for driving actionable insights with ease and accuracy.

R & D
Conduct R&D in Next Generation Sequencing in collaboration with local Medical, Agricultural, Veterinary and Biotechnology practitioners and Researchers, for personalised

  1. Laboratory to patient
  2. Laboratory to field
  3. Laboratory to drug discovery

We see a bright future.

Our passion is to discover new ways of working, new ways of thinking and new uses of technology for commercial and societal outcomes.

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