At Innova Sierra we see a bright future

Our passion is to with our customers to discover new ways of working, new ways of thinking and new uses of technology for commercial and societal outcomes. Our business consists of a team of highly qualified & skilled, proficient consultants and industry leaders, experienced in Innovation R&D, management of large infrastructure projects, ICT solutions, industrial & mining automation, defence and manufacturing and large scale project delivery. We keep on top latest technology and science, which included application of Artificial Intelligence in variety of situations, including Medical & Health Care, Security, Social and personal applications. The dedicated team has the proven capability to take initiatives from conceptual stage to a design, plan, program manage to a successful delivery.
Innova Sierra is a Research Service Provider (RSP) under AusIndustry guidelines

Leading your R&D program, driving your innovation and helping to create a bright new future.

The Founders of Innova Sierra have come from a background of ICT, Defence, Aviation, Biomedical and Education sectors, and have delivered innovative commercial outcomes to organisations across. People behind the company are highly qualified and experienced individuals who can lead and deliver innovative solutions to the market.
Innova Sierra’s teams are skilled in many areas to help deliver value to your business. More specifically our Services can assist you in assessing, formulating and executing with your team across Product & Solutions development, Innovation R&D management, and Consulting. We interact with Universities and R&D Centres to help bridge the gap between research and its applications in commercial & industrial, and societal applications.